Creators: CountDraggula And Teadino

Created: February 2016 (Android)

Tags: dragon, dragon roll, videogame, action, family

Content Rating: E

Summary: Fun Guo and Shiu Mae are on an adventure to get their uncles and aunt back from their homes. After a fight, while preparing their dad's surprise birthday party, they all go their separate ways. Now they must find and remind them of the important ROLL that family plays in all our lives, all before their dad gets home.
Join Sleepless Skink productions, as we publish our very first game, created by CountDraggula and Teadino.

Dragon Roll includes
- Fully illustrated story
- Cast of unique and colorful characters
- No ads to interrupt your gaming experience
- Fast and variated gameplay
- Lots of Dragons
- Tons of Puns

Enjoy your meal!